Adult Employment Programme – Entry 3

I am now in the fourth month of my course at the RNIB College. The first thing I’d like to tell you about is my work placement. I started my placement with a local company in their transport office a few weeks ago and I am now attending two days a week.  The best thing about it is that I know this is a real company with real work that needs doing.

At my placement I have been given my own project to work on that will help the company to identify the efficiency of its drivers. It involves a large amount of IT and the work has to be accurate and meet very high standards. It feels good that I am trusted to work on things that are important to the company.

My work placement is a great way to practice the skills that I have learnt but I am also still learning new things as I go along. Only last week I was asked by my placement to use ‘conditional formatting’ in Excel. I was unsure how to do this and so I asked my College tutor for help. We had a one-to-one lesson and I am now confident to go back to my placement knowing what to do. This just goes to show how tailored the programme is. No matter what your level or pace, the tutors will help you to learn the things you need to succeed. If in doubt all you have to do is look my exam results. After achieving 98% in my last CLAiT Module which focused on Microsoft Word, I have now received a score of 97% for Excel and passed my level 1 Maths.

After I have finished my placement, a copy of the project that I have worked on will be given to me to demonstrate my skills to prospective employers. This will be a great way to back up my CV.

In Job Club sessions I am working up to a mock interview. The idea is that you go through the whole process of applying for a job and then the College invites local businesses to come in and conduct the interview. Every part of the application will be analysed and your interview techniques will be assessed. There are 4 jobs to choose from and I have just begun the research to decide which one I will apply for. Then I will have to write a covering letter, complete the application form demonstrating how I meet the essential criteria and attend the interview.

This will be the second time that I have been in a formal interview situation and so I will be interested to see how I get on and I will also appreciate the feedback. I feel quite nervous but in this environment it’s about learning how you can improve which will help me out when it comes to the real thing.

Over the time that I have been at the College I have missed my wife and kids very much but then I know that I have to put things into perspective. The 6 months I’m here will ultimately help me to carve out a better future for my family. I talk to my wife on the phone every night and we even Skype call at weekends. Plus the support I receive here from staff and peers has helped no end. The people I live with have become like a little family, we look out for each other and support each other.

To find out more about the adult employment programme please click here


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