Adult Employment Programme – Entry 4

I’m coming to the end of my programme at RNIB College Loughborough and so the next few weeks will be very busy for me. On Friday I am travelling to my home area for a job interview which has been arranged by the employment team! The interview is for a 2 week placement working in another company’s transport department. This means that the skills I’ve learnt over the past few months at my placement in Loughborough will come in very useful. It is also important to make contacts within your home area and getting your foot in the door can be a good first step.

Back in Loughborough my work placement is still going well and from what they have said to me they are really happy with the work that I have been producing. They are even writing an article for the local newspaper about how well the placement has worked for them. Best of all is the fact that they have said they are happy to give me a great reference to support any future job applications! So by the time I get to an interview I will hopefully have two successful work placements with good professional references and new qualifications to show on my CV.

My work within the college is still going well and I got a surprise when I passed the Outlook module with 100%! I couldn’t believe it, not a single mistake! To me that can only be a reflection of the quality of teaching at the College. As you will know if you have read earlier entries in this blog, I struggled switching a computer on 6 months ago and now I’m passing exams with top marks. I have one more module to complete and then I will have achieved my ITQ.

As well as finding employment my programme has also been preparing me for the eventual loss of my sight. I consider my time here as a period of transition, learning the skills to carry on doing the things I enjoy when my sight has gone. Now that the dark nights have arrived I suffer from Night Blindness so I have been doing some mobility sessions using a long cane which will help me.

My attitude towards the future has changed an awful lot since coming here. I now have a much more positive outlook and I am a lot more confident about doing the things I want to do. It’s even been noticed at home. I’ve enjoyed everything about being here, the only low point is missing my family but at least this gave me the time to focus on my end goal. The highlight of the programme has been my results! I’ve never considered myself an academic person but it shows what you can achieve with the right help and support. I’ve met some really inspirational people and I can say that I’m now confident about finding employment after I leave. It’s not if I get a job, but when I get a job!


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